Cafés and restaurants - regional Victoria

Find information about how current restrictions affect restaurants and cafés in regional Victoria.

Summary of restrictions

From 11:59pm on Thursday 17 June 2021, if you live in regional Victoria

  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, food courts, wineries, and karaoke and nightclub venues are open for seated service only, with up to 50 people per booking. A maximum of 300 people, or up to 1 person per 4sqm may attend the venue. Food and drink venues that is less than 100 sqm can open with up to 25 patrons, with no density limit.
  • Food and drink venues between 50sqm and 600sqm can open with the lesser of up to 150 people, or 1 person per 2sqm. They must have a COVID Marshal at the entrance to ensure all patrons check-in to the venue.
  • Dancefloors remain closed.
  • Face masks must be worn indoors when not eating or drinking, unless an exception applies.
  • Face masks are strongly recommended outdoors if physical distancing of 1.5 metres cannot be maintained.
  • You must check in at the venue using the Victorian Government QR Code Service through the Service Victoria app, regardless of the duration of your visit.

How many people can I go out to a restaurant with?

You can go to a restaurant or other seated hospitality venue with up to 50 people per group, subject to the venue’s size and the density requirements.

  • Food and drink facilities smaller than 100 sqm can have up to 25 patrons. No other density requirements apply.
  • Food and drink facilities between 50sqm and 600 sqm can have the lesser of 150 patrons, or one patron for every two square meters. A COVID Marshal must be at the entrance to ensure patrons check-in via the Service Victoria app prior to entry.
  • All other venues may have up to a maximum of 300 patrons, with a density quotient of 1 patron for every 4 sqm.

Bring your mask with you and remember not to share cutlery, plates or glasses with people you don’t live with.

You must check in to the venue with the Service Victoria QR Code app, to keep Victoria safe and open.

If you are unwell with symptoms, stay home and get a COVID-19 test.

Do I need to wear a mask in a beer garden or other outdoor venue?

You do not have to wear a mask outdoors, but it is strongly recommended where you cannot maintain 15.m distance from others. You must wear a mask while indoors, except while you are eating or drinking or if an exception applies.

This includes when using a restroom within the indoor section of your venue or going to pay your bill.

Can I invite my friends or family from metropolitan Melbourne to go out to a restaurant?

Yes, there are no restrictions on travel between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. The restrictions of the venue apply to all guests.

What am I allowed to do at a nightclub or karaoke bar?

The same rules for restaurants and cafes apply to nightclubs and karaoke venues – only seated service is permitted and dancefloors are closed.

You can go to a nightclub or karaoke bar for seated food or drinks with up to 50 people in your group. You must check in via the Service Victoria QR Code app, and must wear a face mask indoors when not eating or drinking unless an exception applies.

Karaoke singing is permitted, but it is strongly recommended you maintain a 2m distance from other singers, and 5 metres from the audience and that microphones are sanitised between use.

You can remove your mask while performing but must put it back on immediately after, unless an exception applies.

Do I need to wear a face mask when picking up takeaway?

You must wear a face mask when you are indoors, including going into a venue to pick up takeaway food – unless an exception applies.

You must check in when picking up takeaway, regardless of how long you are there.

Reviewed 17 June 2021

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