Check in with QR codes using the Service Victoria QR Code app

Checking in at venues and facilities helps with contact tracing and keeps Victoria safe and open.

How to check-in

  1. Download the latest version of the Service Victoria app onto your smart phone from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the Service Victoria app on your smart phone (rather than your phone camera)
  3. Tap the contact tracing check-in button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Point your phone at the QR code on the poster until you see it on your screen and wait for the prompts.
  5. Enter your details and tap “Check-in to this location”. Next time your details will be saved.
  6. Look for the green tick. You’re checked in!

Why do I need to check-in?

When you check-in, you create a record of the time and date you visited a venue.

This means that if there is a COVID-19 outbreak, contact tracers can quickly contact you, if you’ve visited a public exposure site. This will help to contain a COVID-19 outbreak.

Where do I need to check-in?

All workplaces must use the free  Service Victoria QR Code app for record keeping, ensuring all workers and visitors check in. If you enter a business or workplace, you must check in upon entry using the Service Victoria app – regardless of the duration of your visit.

Check-in is not required in these situations:

  • essential support groups and health services where confidentiality is typically required (for example, alcohol and drugs or family violence)
  • common property areas governed by owners corporations. However shared facilities such as gyms, pools and cinemas must use check-in
  • contactless ‘click and collect’ transactions, where the transaction doesn’t involve the customer entering the premises (for example, where an employee drops the goods into the boot of a customer’s car whilst the customer remains in the car)
  • takeaway food providers in respect of customers attending the premises for the sole purpose of collecting food at a drive-through window
  • service stations in respect of customers who pay using contactless payment methods at the bowser and do not enter a building
  • emergency workers attendance at premises where check-in is not practical in the circumstances (for example, if urgent action is required)
  • where a person attends premises for the purposes of police or administration of justice matters, where the person requests that their attendance is kept confidential.
  • public transport stations and trains, trams and buses (with the exception of workers and operators, who need to check-in)
  • in relation to employees of intelligence agencies who attend premises for reasons of national security

Check-in is required in these situations, but the Service Vic app does not need to be used:

  • schools, childcare or early childhood services and outside school hours care services in respect of all students, teachers and other school staff (but not visitors, contractors or other workers). Other educational facilities must use check-in.
  • hospitals and care facilities in respect of admitted or residential patients and ambulance workers
  • farms in respect of workers and other persons attending for work-related purposes
  • premises where pre-ordered goods are being delivered via contactless delivery (e.g. a person delivering a meal and dropping off at a person’s door, doesn’t need to check-in)
  • any work undertaken at a private residence (for example, where a plumber enters a residence to undertake plumbing work); businesses that are operating from a residence (for example, hairdressing from the home) are still required to check-in visitors
  • accommodation, except where a person is not staying overnight and is attending a shared space
  • prisons, remand centres, youth residential centres or youth justice centres
  • sites operated by COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria
  • sites where the use of electronic devices is prohibited due to safety concerns, for example petrochemical bulk storage and transport and other flammable liquid sites.

Commercial passenger vehicles can comply with their obligations by making available, clearly visible and accessible in the vehicle a sign that allows driver and passengers to check in using the Service Victoria QR Code app.

Venues must prominently display QR code signage at each entrance to their work premises so members of the public can record their attendance.

There are special rules for retail and food and drink facilities:

  • retail facility (total indoor space accessible to public is 2,000 sqm or more) or a market:
    • prominently display signage at all points of sale so members can record attendance using Service Victoria QR
    • staff must request all members of public who attend, to record attendance at entrance
  • retail facility (total indoor space accessible to public is less than 2,000 sqm) or market stall:
    • prominently display signage at all points of sale so members of public can record attendance using Service Victoria QR
    • staff who interact with members of public at point of service must request public records attendance
  • food and drink facility:
    • prominently display signage at all points of sale and all points of service, so members of public can record attendance using Service Victoria QR
    • staff must request all members of public to record attendance at entrance, point of sale or point of service

A point of sale is where a customer pays for goods and services. A point of services includes where an employee interreacts with a customer elsewhere e.g. a waiter attending table to take an order, or greeting a customer upon entry.

Workplaces must include assisting visitors without a phone or unable to check in to record their details electronically by using the Kiosk check-in function.

Why do I need to check in at work?

All workplaces are required to use the free Service Victoria QR Code app. This ensures that if a positive case visits the workplace, contact tracers can simply and rapidly access the details of everyone who was there at the same time. Contact tracers can then let people know they have been exposed to a positive case and what actions they need to take.

What if I’m only dropping off or picking up from a venue?

If you are entering a workplace, you must check in, regardless of how long you spend at the venue.

This applies to everyone, whether you are an employee, customer or visitor attending the venue on work duties.  

For example, if you’re getting a takeaway coffee at a café you need to check in, or if you are making a delivery – such as food or a parcel – you need to check in when picking up from venues (restaurants and warehouses).

Customers who ‘drive and collect’ are not required to check in as long as they do not enter the venue or leave their car. Customers should remain in their vehicle for ‘drive and collect’.

How is my information used?

Your check-in details are only used or shared for contact tracing purposes if there is a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case at a venue you have visited.

Your personal information can only be used by health authorities to help manage an outbreak of COVID-19.

If there’s no outbreak at a venue you’ve been to, your check-in details will be deleted after 28 days. If your details have been provided to the Victorian Chief Health Officer to help manage an outbreak, they can be held for more than 28 days if that information is needed for contact tracing purposes. Your details won’t be used for marketing or any other purposes.

Read more about how your privacy is protected when you check-in online.

Do I need to download anything to check-in?

The quickest way to check-in is to use the Service Victoria app. You can download the latest version of the Service Victoria app onto your smart phone from the App Store or Google Play.

My phone won’t scan. How do I check-in?

The venue-assisted Service Victoria Kiosk check-in service enables venues to check-in customers who are unable to do so for themselves.  

Also, if you're with someone else you can check in using their phone, they can tap ‘add another’ on the app and enter your contact details (with your permission) then press ‘check-in’. 

What is Kiosk check-in?  

If you are visiting a venue that requires QR code check-in, you should check yourself in using the Service Victoria QR code app, which can be downloaded via the Apple store or Google Play.  

However, there may be times when you cannot check-in yourself for a variety of reasons, including not having a smart phone.  Kiosk check-in allows venue staff to enter your details for you.  

Please follow the same good hygiene practices as in any high-touch area; wash your hands.  

Who can I call if I need help?

If you need help call the Victorian Department of Health COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 675 398.

If you require a phone interpreter, please contact TIS National on 131 450.

Reviewed 06 July 2021

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