Communicating with your staff

Guidance on what to tell your staff when they have symptoms or need to self-isolate.

What do I do if a staff member or customer exhibits signs of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If your staff can't work from home and must attend the workplace:

  • Be prepared for staff calling in sick
  • If staff exhibit any cold or flu-like symptoms, they must stay home, no matter how mild those symptoms might be.
  • If a staff member becomes sick, have a plan in place for where you can take them until they can be medically examined.
  • If you are concerned that one of your patrons has contracted coronavirus (COVID-19), be courteous and please advise them of your concern.
  • Encourage them to get tested, self-isolate, stay at home (self-quarantine) and contact the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398.

What if I have a staff member who is directed to self-isolate but isn't entitled to paid leave?

People who are directed to self-isolate by the Chief Health Officer – either because they have coronavirus (COVID-19) or are a close contact of someone with coronavirus – and who will not have any income as a result, may be eligible to receive a one-off $1,500 payment from the Victorian Government.

Workers who can't work from home - including casual workers, some self-employed workers and permanent employees who have no sick leave - and who aren’t covered by JobKeeper and whose employer has no special leave in place, may be eligible for the one-off payment.

Please discuss eligibility with your public health officer.

COVIDSafe app

If you have staff who must attend the workplace, encourage the use of the Australian Government's COVIDSafe app which speeds up contacting people exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) as a measure to protect your staff and customers.

Employee entitlements

The Fair Work Act does not have specific rules where employees are delayed overseas or in quarantine, so employees and employers need to come to their own arrangement. This may include:

  • taking sick leave if the employee is sick
  • taking annual leave
  • taking any other leave available to them (such as long service leave or any other leave available under an award, enterprise agreement or contract of employment)
  • arranging any other paid or unpaid leave by agreement between the employee and the employer.

You can contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 for further information.

Reviewed 30 March 2021

Coronavirus Victoria

24/7 Coronavirus Hotline

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

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