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Guidance for all businesses that operate out of office workplaces in Victoria.

Changes to restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced the further easing of COVID-19 restrictions from 11:59pm Thursday 17 June.

For a detailed overview of the changes, see the Table of Restrictions (PDF) at the bottom of the Statement from the Acting Premier

The Victorian Government has announced that every Victorian business must use the Victorian Government QR Code Service to check-in their workers, customers and visitors, with some limited exemptions. 

For customer-facing venues and workplaces, such as hospitality venues and retailers, it is already mandatory to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service.

For businesses that have not previously been mandated to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service prior to Thursday 11:59pm 10 June 2021 an enforcement amnesty is in place until Thursday 11:59pm 1 July 2021. 

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions is undertaking consultation with businesses and industry to ensure business feedback is part of the implementation process.

Frequently asked questions - COVIDSafe Settings

Last updated: 16 June 2021

Read below for answers to frequently asked questions by businesses that operate out of office workplaces in Victoria.

What are the current face mask requirements?

You must always carry a face mask with you when you leave home unless you have a lawful reason not to.

Face masks continue to be mandatory in some locations, unless a lawful reason not to wear one applies.

For a full list of settings where masks continue to be mandatory, see: Face masks

Should start and finish times be staggered for workers returning to the office?

Where permitted under worker awards, enterprise agreements, or employment contracts, start and finish times should be staggered to reduce groups of workers gathering at entrances, lifts, stairwells and other high-traffic areas.

My organisation has multiple offices. Can workers switch between office locations?

 Workers can switch between locations in most sectors however worker bubbles remain a requirement in some industries. See the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions for a list of industries where workplace bubbles are required. 

Can my employer require me to start/finish earlier or later than my usual hours when I return to work at the office? 

Employers can request that workers adjust their start and finish times to support COVIDSafe practices (for example, by reducing the number of people in lifts and entrances at peak times).
Whether an employer can require a worker to adjust their start and finish times will depend on the workplace’s award, enterprise agreement, or employment contracts.

Some workplace agreements may allow employers to vary start and finish times in certain circumstances. 

Employers can also require workers to comply with reasonable directions. This may include a variation to start or finish times if there is a genuine business need, or in order to comply with occupational health and safety laws or the COVIDSafe Plan.

For more information, visit: awards and agreements.

I run a cleaning business. Is there a limit on the number of sites that workers can attend each week?

There are limits on the number of sites a worker can attend if they are cleaning care facilities, hospitals or hotel quarantine sites. Please see the Workplace (Additional Industry Obligations) Directions for more information. For cleaners servicing other types of sites, there is no limit to the number of locations that workers can attend each week, however working across different sites should be limited where possible.

Read more about cleaning, disinfecting and preventing infection in the workplace, including factsheets on cleaning guidelines for workers, supervisors, building owners and managers, and checklists for routine cleaning services and undertaking a cleaning and disinfection (deep cleans).

Reviewed 18 June 2021

Coronavirus Victoria

Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support

The Business Victoria hotline provides information on restrictions and support to help your workplace plan and respond to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Call Business Victoria on 13 22 15

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If you suspect you may have COVID-19 call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days.

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