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Sector guidance for property, real estate and strata businesses within Victoria.

Lockdown lifted across Victoria

The Victorian Government has announced the lockdown will end at 11:59pm Tuesday 27 July. Businesses and venues can reopen with COVIDSafe measures in place and the Authorised Worker List will no longer apply. Face masks will continue to be required indoors and outdoors (except at home) unless an exception applies. If you can work from home, you should work from home.

For further information, see How we work: Current restrictions.

The information on this page is not being updated during lockdown. For information on the current restrictions go to How we work: Current restrictions.

Frequently asked questions - current restrictions 

Last updated: 25 June 2021

Read below for answers to frequently asked questions by businesses in property, real estate and strata sector within Victoria.

What are the current face mask requirements?

You must always carry a face mask with you when you leave home unless you have a lawful reason not to.

Face masks continue to be mandatory in some locations, unless a lawful reason not to wear one applies.

For a full list of settings where masks continue to be mandatory, see: Face masks.

Inspections and auctions

How should property or real estate agents ensure that people attending physical inspections are not symptomatic, self-isolating or under quarantine before attending?

Agents should ask prospective tenants/purchasers to declare that they are not symptomatic, self-isolating or under quarantine when booking an inspection. At the start of an inspection, agents should confirm this again verbally.

If, through the inspection, there is an indication that the person is symptomatic, or should be self-isolating or in quarantine, the agent can end the inspection and ask the person to leave the premises. 

How often should properties open for inspection or auction be cleaned to reduce COVID-19 transmission?

Properties should be cleaned before and after each inspection and auction. High-touch surfaces (for example, door handles) must be cleaned after each inspection, even if prospective tenants or buyers used gloves. 

See Cleaning and disinfecting to reduce COVID-19 transmission - tips for business and construction sites.

Do display suites come under the retail restrictions?

Yes. See Retail trade sector guidance.

Strata, building operators and owners corporations

I am a member of an owners corporation. What are my COVIDSafe responsibilities?

Owners corporations must have a COVIDSafe Plan for the schemes and sites that they manage. The COVIDSafe Plan applies to common areas including access points, lifts, foyers and hallways, as well as shared facilities such as gyms, pools, dining and entertainment areas.

The owners corporation is responsible for ensuring the actions documented in the COVIDSafe Plan are implemented and communicated with occupants and all workers at a site. The owners corporation is also responsible for answering any queries occupants and workers may have about COVIDSafe practices.

The owners corporation should also coordinate with businesses that occupy the site, as they require their own COVIDSafe Plans to operate.

I own an investment property within a strata scheme. What are my obligations?

Owners corporations are encouraged to maintain contact with property investors within the site to share their COVIDSafe Plan and maintain records of residents. More information is available at: Commercial tenants and landlords support

Do building operators need a COVIDSafe Plan for multi-dwelling properties? 

Yes. All Victorian multi-dwelling properties with shared facilities and workers (including employees and contractors) on-site must have a  COVIDSafe Plan

Multi-dwelling properties include:

  • low, mid, and high-rise residential apartment buildings
  • student accommodation
  • long-term accommodation rentals
  • townhouses with shared facilities
  • single room occupancy properties with shared facilities
  • mixed use properties where there is a residential component with shared facilities.

Can construction works be carried out in multi-dwelling properties?

Yes. Residential and commercial construction, renovations, installations, repairs, and maintenance can take place in single residence and multi-dwelling properties, in accordance with the Victorian Chief Health Officer Directions

For construction work on common property that has been procured by the body corporate, both the construction company and the body corporate must comply with the Victorian Chief Health Officer Directions

Body corporates can establish their own rules to manage the construction works within the property and arrangements between owners, in alignment with the Victorian Chief Health Officer Directions

Reviewed 22 July 2021

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