Hiring exercise and fitness equipment while in hotel quarantine

Residents in hotel quarantine can hire exercise equipment during their stay.

When to hire equipment

You can hire exercise and fitness equipment for use in your room after you have received a negative result for your day 0 COVID-19 test.

Equipment hire is at your own cost and must be organised by you with a permitted supplier listed below.

Equipment should be ordered as early as possible within your quarantine period as delivery times can vary. We encourage you to ask about this when making your enquiries with equipment suppliers.

Equipment hire will be subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant suppliers. All suppliers have a minimum hire period, some longer than the 14-day quarantine period. This varies by supplier.

Permitted equipment

Only equipment that fits on a luggage trolley is permitted, such as exercise and spin bikes, or free weights. Treadmills, rowers and equipment larger than a luggage trolley are unable to be delivered.

As a guide, a luggage trolley can accommodate equipment up to 107 cm in length, 61 cm in width and 168 cm in height. Items bigger than this will be returned as we cannot safely transport it to you.

Approved suppliers

Exercise and fitness equipment can be hired through the following approved suppliers:

Ordering process

Follow these steps to hire exercise and fitness equipment for your room:

  • Visit the approved supplier websites to view the available equipment and ensure it fits on a luggage trolly.
  • Contact the Assistant Manager, Site Services at your accommodation by calling reception and confirm that the equipment is permitted.
  • Place your order with the supplier via telephone or email.
  • When placing the order, ensure you arrange a time for the equipment to be picked up by the supplier that is within 24 hours of your scheduled quarantine exit date. Delivery and pick-up times can only take place between 8am and 7pm.
  • Contact the Assistant Manager, Site Services to provide the delivery date, description of equipment, name of the supplier and date that the equipment will be picked up.

Delivery process

On delivery day, contact the Assistant Manager, Site Services to confirm the arrival time of your equipment.

An Operations Support Officer will take the equipment to the outside of your room on a luggage trolley and knock on your door.

Before opening the door, wash your hands and put on a face mask. Then bring the equipment into your room using the trolley if required. Once the equipment has been unloaded, return the trolley to the hallway.

The Assistant Manager, Site Services will call you to confirm that the equipment has been delivered.

Equipment pick-up process

At the end of your quarantine, the Assistant Manager, Site Services will call to confirm an equipment pick-up time. You must thoroughly wipe down the equipment using the sanitising wipes provided in your room.

If the equipment is being retrieved before your checkout time, move the cleaned equipment to the hallway outside your room. A luggage trolley will be provided to move the equipment on request. Call the Assistant Manager, Site Services to let them know the equipment has been moved to the hallway.

If the equipment is being retrieved after your checkout time, leave the cleaned equipment inside your room. The equipment supplier will confirm with you that the equipment has been received.

Other rules and conditions

  • Terms and Conditions are between the approved supplier and the resident. COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria will not be liable for any damage to equipment.
  • Check with the Assistant Manager, Site Services before hiring equipment. Not all hotels allow equipment hire. Availability of equipment is subject to the supplier.
  • You cannot take equipment with you if you are moved to a different hotel or after you have left quarantine, due to infection risks. Equipment can be moved if you change rooms within a hotel.
  • Equipment pick-up cannot be scheduled on the same day as your quarantine exit.
  • Equipment can be returned during the 14-day quarantine period or following the completion of day 14. Equipment cannot remain at the hotel for more than 24 hours after you exit quarantine.
  • You must engage directly with the supplier to resolve any problems that arise throughout the hire period (e.g. faulty equipment) over the telephone, email or other remote methods.

Reviewed 16 June 2021

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