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Find information about wearing a face mask in Victoria.

Restrictions in Victoria

Restrictions are in place in Victoria from 11:59pm on Thursday 15 July 2021:

  • You cannot leave your home unless you are doing it for one of the five following reasons:
  • Face masks must be worn indoors and outdoors by anyone aged 12 years and over, whenever you leave your home – unless a lawful exception applies.
  • Face masks do not need to be worn indoors or outdoors if you are working alone.
  • If you enter a business or workplace, you must check in upon entry using the Service Victoria QR Code app regardless of the duration of your visit.

Frequently asked questions

When do I need to wear a face mask?

Anyone 12 years and over must wear a fitted face mask whenever they leave their home, indoors or outdoors, unless lawful exception applies. This includes:

  • one of the five permitted reasons to leave home (shopping for necessary goods and services, care and caregiving, exercise, authorised work or permitted study, or to get COVID-19 vaccinated)
  • riding public transport or taking a taxi or rideshare service for one of the permitted reasons.

Do I have to wear a face mask while exercising?  

You do not need to wear a face mask when exercising if you are out of breath or puffing.  You must carry a face mask with you at all times unless you have a lawful reason not to.

Do students at schools need to wear a face mask?

Students aged 12 and over who are permitted to learn on-site at a primary or secondary schools must wear face masks indoors and outdoors, unless a lawful exception applies.  

Primary and secondary students are not required to wear a face mask if they have an illness, condition or disability that means it would not be suitable to wear one.

I am an Authorised Worker and work in an office. Do I have to wear a face mask at the office?

Yes. However, if you are working alone, you do not need to wear a face mask unless someone else enters the room.

Stay safe by:

  • Always wash your hands before you leave, and when you return home.
  • Keep at least 1.5 metres between yourself and others whenever possible.
  • If you are unwell with covid-19 symptoms get tested and stay at home until you receive a negative result.

If I am providing care to someone, do I need to wear a face mask during my visit?

Yes, if you are providing care for someone, you must wear a face mask unless an exception applies. This includes for babysitting purposes.


Reviewed 17 July 2021

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