Hotel quarantine for passenger and freight aircrew

Quarantine is compulsory for international airline and freight crews in transit in Victoria.

International airline crew transiting through Melbourne (including freight crew) are required by law to enter hotel quarantine to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Crews arriving in Melbourne

Upon arrival at Melbourne Airport, crews will receive a standard health screen. Crew members will then be issued with a detention notice by a Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Authorised Officer.  

The detention notice will direct crew who have symptoms of COVID-19 to quarantine at a health hotel, which has additional medical support and services. 

The notice will direct all other crew to a dedicated quarantine hotel.

Crew transiting for 8 hours or more must enter quarantine at a hotel. Crew transiting for less than 8 hours can remain at the airport. They will not be allowed to leave the terminal and cannot access public areas.  

Transportation to accommodation

Transportation to accommodation will be arranged by government officials. Dedicated buses will be provided for each individual airline crew so there is no close contact with crew from other airlines. 

All buses are cleaned after each crew is transported and drivers will wear full personal protective equipment. Crew must wear face masks and maintain physical distancing at all times, including on the bus. 

During quarantine

Once airline crews have entered quarantine, they will not be able to leave their rooms for 14 days or until their next flight departs Melbourne. Emergencies, mental health and medical reasons are the only exceptions.  

More information

More information about the program is available under Safety and testing information for airports on the Ports of entry (airports and maritime) sector guidance page.

Reviewed 25 March 2021

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