Hotel quarantine for returned overseas travellers

The Victorian Government hotel quarantine program for returned overseas travellers.

Overseas travellers with confirmed flights to Melbourne should complete the online Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form before departing for Australia.

This form is to collect information to help plan for your stay in hotel quarantine.

Do not complete the form unless you have booked a confirmed flight to Melbourne.

Rules for travellers from New Zealand are available at the Department of Home Affairs website.

If you are travelling to Victoria from overseas, you must go into hotel quarantine accommodation for 14 days from the day you arrive.

This has been mandated by the Victorian Chief Health Officer to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Everyone entering Victoria from overseas must follow this rule, including people: 

  • arriving by ship (maritime arrivals) 
  • intending to travel via Victoria to another Australian state or territory 
  • intending to travel overseas via Victoria.

Complete the Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form

To help ensure the most appropriate accommodation is allocated for your needs it is strongly recommended that you follow the process below.

Step 1: Ensure you have booked a confirmed flight to Melbourne

Please do not complete the form before confirming your flight.

Step 2: Fill out the Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form

Fill out the Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form separately for each person (including each child) travelling to Victoria before departure.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the form before departure, but it is particularly important if you are travelling as a family group or have special requirements. If this is not possible, you will be able to provide this information at the airport after you have arrived.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy notice applies to the information collected through the Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form.

Preparing to return from overseas

As you will be going straight into quarantine from the plane, it is a good idea to think about what to bring with you before leaving for Australia. Consider what clothing, electronics and items you may need in quarantine, as these may not be able to be delivered once you have entered quarantine.

If you need medication, please pack at least a couple of days supply if you can. Prescriptions can be filled once you are in quarantine, but this may take some time.

Please note that nebulizers and humidifiers are prohibited while you are in quarantine.

If you usually use these devices for medical reasons, please prepare for your time in hotel quarantine by discussing alternative options with your medical specialist beforehand, or:

  • declare your medical device in the Victorian Quarantine Arrival Form
  • discuss your medical needs with medical staff at the airport or at any time during your stay.

You will not be able to bring cigarettes, alcohol or cooking appliances into quarantine. You will be able to order alcohol from your accommodation provider, but you will not be able to prepare or cook meals while in quarantine for safety reasons.

Fees for hotel quarantine

Returned travellers are required to pay a fee that will contribute to the overall cost of their quarantine

Fees are similar to those charged in other Australian states.

When you arrive

You will be met as you leave the plane by staff from the hotel quarantine program.

You will be:

  • given a health screening
  • processed through immigration and customs 
  • issued with a Direction and Detention Notice and an information pack about quarantine
  • given essentials such as food and water as necessary until you transfer to your accommodation
  • allocated appropriate accommodation in a hotel near the airport or in central Melbourne (this will take account of people travelling in groups)
  • transported by bus to your accommodation.

If you need an interpreter or language support, please tell a Victorian Government officer at the airport.

If you have a disability, you or your carer should discuss your requirements with medical staff at the airport or at any time during your stay. If you are being met by a carer, you can submit a request for that carer to remain with you in quarantine for the 14-day period.

Safety at the airport

It is important to be safe while you are at the airport. You must follow all instructions from Victorian Government officers and:

  • keep your hands clean and sanitised
  • wear a fitted face mask (this will be provided if needed)
  • stay 1.5 metres away from people who are not travelling with you.

Anyone who is not feeling well will be checked and taken to the health hotel, where treatment can be provided. A health hotel is a quarantine hotel with additional medical support on-site. 

If you have symptoms of COVID-19

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you will be transferred to a health hotel or hospital if it is medically required.

If you are travelling with someone who may have COVID-19 you will be assessed as a close contact and transferred to a health hotel for your quarantine period.

At your accommodation, you will receive appropriate medical care.

If your car was already parked at the airport

If your car was at the airport carpark, you will not be charged for parking while you are in quarantine. 

When you exit quarantine, you can request to be transported back to the airport to pick up your car. 

Exemptions to change quarantine arrangements 

You may apply for an exemption from or to undertake quarantine in another location in exceptional circumstances. Applications will be reviewed to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19. Requests will be considered for: 

  • certain medical reasons 
  • travelling interstate for compassionate reasons 
  • unaccompanied minors (under 18 years) 
  • foreign diplomats and their family 
  • maritime crew members.

Exemption applications must be made to the Department of Health (DH) using the online request to vary hotel quarantine arrangements form.

International air transit

International air transit passengers arriving at Melbourne Airport can leave on another international flight departing from Melbourne Airport without completing 14 days of hotel quarantine.

If your outbound international flight is less than eight hours after your arrival at Melbourne Airport you must wait in the transit lounge.

If your flight out is more than eight hours after your arrival at Melbourne Airport, you will be transferred to quarantine accommodation and released to board your outbound international flight.

Travellers intending to leave Australia within 14 days of arrival

Overseas travellers who intend to leave Australia within 14 days of their arrival in Victoria (such as maritime crew) may be allowed to leave for overseas before completing 14 days of hotel quarantine.

You will need to obtain an exemption from the Department of Health (DH) by using the online request to vary hotel quarantine arrangements form.

Before obtaining an exemption, you must not be showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and you must still stay in quarantine accommodation until your departure.

While you are in quarantine

During your time in quarantine, you must stay in your room and not allow anyone inside. Medical reasons and emergencies are the only exceptions.

You cannot leave quarantine. You may receive a fine of up to A$20,000 if you do.

You cannot smoke while in quarantine. Support is available - including nicotine replacement therapies.

You will be provided with three meals with drinks and three snacks a day that meet your reasonable dietary requirements.

You can order at your own expense: 

  • additional food from authorised food delivery services 
  • alcohol from your accommodation provider.

You cannot cook your own meals while in quarantine accommodation.

Please note that the following items are prohibited in quarantine:

  • care packages from family and friends unless authorised
  • cooking appliances
  • large electronic items
  • fans
  • aromatherapy diffusers
  • nebulizers
  • humidifiers

Testing for COVID-19

You will be routinely tested for COVID-19 during your 14-day hotel quarantine: within 24 hours of arrival in Victoria (Day 0), Day 4, Day 12 and Day 14 of your quarantine period. 

In addition to these routine tests - within 24 hours of arrival in Victoria (Day 0), Day 4, Day 12 and Day 14, you will also be tested if you develop COVID‑19 symptoms during your quarantine period. 

If you test positive for COVID-19 you will be required to stay in quarantine accommodation for the remainder of your quarantine period but, will be moved to a health hotel. 

Exiting quarantine

You will not be able to leave quarantine until you have been medically cleared by the Department of Health.

When you are medically cleared, you will be able to organise travel to your primary residence or, if you are travelling interstate or overseas, back to the airport.

You will be subject to the public health directions in place in Victoria once you leave quarantine accommodation. Read more about the current restrictions.

Reviewed 02 July 2021

Information for returned travellers

24/7 Coronavirus Hotline

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

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