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Victoria's COVIDSafe Settings.

Victoria’s COVIDSafe Settings are designed to balance getting Victorians back to doing the things they love while keeping in place measures to protect all that Victorians have worked so hard for.

Face masks

  • You must carry a face mask with you when you leave home.
  • Face masks must be worn in the following settings, unless an exception applies:
    • on public transport, in commercial passenger vehicles such as taxis and ride share vehicles, and in tour vehicles
    • by visitors to a hospital or care facility (while indoors)
    • on flights to and from Victoria
    • indoors at airports
    • if you are diagnosed with COVID-19, or a close contact of someone diagnosed with COVID-19, when leaving your home or accommodation for a permitted reason, such as medical care or to get tested
    • while awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test when leaving your home or accommodation for a permitted reason, such as medical care (except as part of a surveillance or other asymptomatic testing program)
    • while experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • It is strongly recommended you wear a face mask when at a private gathering or when you cannot maintain 1.5 metres distance from other people.

Social gatherings

  • You can have up to 100 visitors to your home per day. The visitor cap includes dependants but not infants under 12 months old. There is no limit on the number of households those people come from.
  • Up to 200 people can meet outdoors in a public place. The cap includes dependants but not infants under 12 months old. There is no limit on the number of households those people come from.


  • The latest travel information is available on the travel updates page.
  • Travellers must comply with the requirements of their permit, including COVID-19 testing and self-quarantine or self-isolation requirements (as applicable).

Work and volunteering

  • On-site office work is no longer capped. Workers in the private and public sectors can return to work at 100 per cent capacity.
  • A density limit of one person per two square metres only applies in spaces that are accessible to the general public, including lobbies and reception areas. It does not apply in any office area that is not accessible by members of the public, including private offices, open plan offices, internal meeting rooms and shared spaces such as kitchens, lunchrooms and bathrooms.
  • All workplaces with on-site workers require a COVIDSafe Plan.

Hospitals and care facilities

  • There are no limits on the number of people who may visit or access hospitals or care facilities.
  • Face masks must be worn by visitors to hospitals and care facilities (whilst indoors), unless an exception applies.

Entertainment and culture

  • Seated areas at indoor and outdoor entertainment, cultural and sporting venues can use 100% of their seated capacity up to a maximum of 1,000 patrons per space if the event is ticketed. The density quotient still applies at these venues in non-seated spaces e.g. bathrooms and lobbies.
  • These venues include theatres, cinemas, music halls, concert halls, auditoriums, galleries, museums, and sports and physical recreation facilities.
  • Non-seated venues will continue to be required to apply a density quotient of 1 per 2sqm, except unstaffed gyms (such as 24-hour gyms), which have a four-square metre rule.
  • Non seated venues (outdoor) do not have patron caps but density limits apply.
  • Non-seated venues (indoor) are capped at 75% capacity and density limits apply.
  • No cap on dance floors, but density limits apply, depending on the venue type.
  • Casinos to 75 per cent of venue capacity.
  • All venues must use the Government QR Code Service to maintain electronic record keeping. From 28 May 2021, venues and facilities currently using a Victorian Government Application Programming Interface (API) linked digital record keeping system must use the free Victorian Government QR Service. For instructions on how to switch, please go to the QR code app page.

Sport and exercise

  • No cap on gym and exercise classes (indoors or outdoors).
  • Indoor physical recreation and community sports facilities can operate subject to changed density limits of 1 per 2sqm when staffed.
  • Density limit of 1 person per two square metres. Except for unstaffed gyms, which must apply a density limit of 1 person per four square metres.
  • Unstaffed gyms must apply a density limit of one person per four square metres. 

Community venues

  • No visitor caps but density limits continue to apply.


  • No limits on booking sizes.
  • However, private gatherings at accommodation are capped at the booking household (and the intimate partners of anyone in the booking household) plus up to 100 people from any number of households. Infants 12 months and under are excluded from private gathering limits.
  • No dancefloor caps.
  • Tourism spaces and groups – no patron caps but density limits apply.

Religion and ceremony

  • Weddings, funerals and religious gatherings can occur in commercial venues.
  • The density and capacity limits will depend on the type of venue.
  • If conducted in a private home, the private gathering limit applies (100 visitors, the celebrant and a photographer are not counted).

Electronic record keeping

  • Record keeping continues to be an important tool for helping Victoria stay safe and stay open. 
  • A full list of venues and facilities that must use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service can be found at record keeping for contact tracing - information for business page.
  • It is highly recommended that public markets, stalls, retail and shopping centres enable electronic record keeping via the free Victorian Government QR Code Service.

Staying COVIDSafe

Everyone wants to get back to normal but we also need to stay safe. We are asking Victorians to stay safe by getting tested and practising COVIDSafe behaviours. This is especially important as we see friends and family, celebrate together, travel together and move around Victoria, Australia and New Zealand. Coronavirus is still present in Australia and we must all be vigilant and play our part to reduce the spread.

Reviewed 10 May 2021

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