Information for returned overseas travellers currently in hotel quarantine

Residents in hotel quarantine can find information about the program and access supports and services.

A 14-day quarantine period is compulsory

People arriving in Victoria from overseas are required by law to enter hotel quarantine for 14 days to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

While in quarantine you will not be able to leave your room for 14 days except for medical, compassionate or mental health reasons. The Victorian Government will provide you with essential items, services and medical care.

Staff support and services

On-site staff are here to assist you during your quarantine stay, including an on-site nurse and health and wellbeing team.

Call reception for assistance and read the Health and wellbeing page for more detail about the support and services that are available.

Appropriate behaviour in quarantine

There are security measures in place to ensure people are following the rules. You must follow the directions of all staff during your time in quarantine. This protects the safety and wellbeing of you and the community.

Please be patient and respectful of staff – they are here to help. Aggressive or threatening behaviour is taken seriously and will be reported to Victoria Police.

Leaving quarantine

Once you have entered quarantine you cannot leave until you have been medically cleared. You may receive a fine of up to A$20,000 if you do. The only exception is if a Victorian Government Authorised Officer has given you permission.

Visitors and contacting people

No visitors are allowed. You can contact family and friends through telephone, video or online chat. Care packages or deliveries from family or friends are not permitted. You will be provided a limited variety of personal items.

While in quarantine you must not let another person enter your room unless it is a medical team member or there is an emergency. This is to reduce the risk to staff and other people in quarantine.

Physical distancing in quarantine

Medical care and welfare checks will be provided through telephone or video, unless face-to-face contact is needed. Meals in sealed containers and any food or grocery deliveries will be left at your room door so there is no physical contact.

Practice good hygiene

Wash your hands regularly. You must wash your hands and wear a face mask any time you are authorised to leave your room, including in cases of emergency or evacuation, or when someone is authorised to enter your room.

Use of some medical devices is prohibited

Please note that Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP) machines, nebulizers and humidifiers are prohibited while you are in hotel quarantine.

If you usually use these devices for medical reasons, please discuss your medical needs with medical staff at any time during your stay.

No smoking in accommodation

Smoking is not permitted in accommodation used for quarantine. Supports and nicotine replacement therapies are available and you can find out more on the Health and wellbeing page.

Food and meals

We know that quality meals are important. For infection control, meals will be served in sealed containers. If the provided meals are not to your taste, you can order prepared meals through a certified delivery service or hotel room service at your own cost.

No cooking or food preparation is allowed in your room. You may purchase snacks and personal items for delivery from supermarkets, such as Coles or Woolworths, at your own cost.

All food and grocery deliveries will be left at your room door so there is no physical contact. Read the Services, essential items and deliveries page before ordering a delivery or for more details.


Alcohol is only available for purchase through the hotel bar. You cannot have alcohol delivered from outside.

Requests for temporary leave

Due to infection control risks, you will not be permitted to leave your room during your 14-day quarantine period.

In very limited circumstances a Victorian Government Authorised Officer may give you permission to leave on a temporary basis.

Requests for temporary leave will be considered for:

  • obtaining medical care
  • visiting a patient in hospital (if allowed under the current hospital directions)
  • your mental health, where a medical officer or mental health nurse has assessed it as being necessary

To apply for temporary leave, contact the on-site nurse or the Authorised Officer located at your hotel. Contact details will be provided at your accommodation.

If you wish to leave your room during the quarantine period for a reason that is not included in the list above (for example, on compassionate grounds), please discuss this with the Authorised Officer at your accommodation. They can assist with an application to the Chief Health Officer for a temporary exemption from quarantine.

People with disability

If you have a disability, you or your carer should discuss your requirements with medical staff at the airport or at any time during your stay. If you are being met by a carer, you can submit a request for that carer to remain with you in quarantine for the 14-day period.

Health staff will undertake a suitability assessment to ensure your requirements can be met. Accessible rooms are available at all major hotel accommodation sites and reasonable adjustments will be made to meet your needs where possible.

You may apply for an exemption from quarantine or to undertake quarantine in another location in exceptional circumstances. Applications will be reviewed to limit the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Exemption applications must be made to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) using the online request to vary hotel quarantine arrangements form.

Reviewed 06 May 2021

24/7 Coronavirus Hotline

If you suspect you may have COVID-19 call the dedicated hotline – open 24 hours, 7 days.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

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