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Going to a vaccination centre to get my COVID-19 vaccine – child

[On-screen text]

Going to a vaccination clinic to get my COVID-19 vaccine

[piano music, staff member in high visibility vest standing in carpark entry to vaccination centre directing traffic. People entering and leaving the vaccination centre.]

[Girl’s voice]: I am going to a vaccination centre to get my COVID-19 vaccine.

[signs at the entry Bookings, 5-11 yr old bookings and Walk-ins today.]

[Girl’s voice]: The COVID-19 vaccine is a medicine given by a needle into my arm.

[Mother and 10-year-old daughter walking in the carpark. The mother is carrying a bag.]

[Girl’s voice]: This will help to stop me catching and spreading COVID-19.

[Mother and daughter walking into the entry of the vaccination centre.]

[Girl’s voice]: It can also stop people getting very sick from COVID-19.

[A female staff member in a high visibility vest wearing a face mask stands inside a marquee at the entry and says hi, how are you going? Do you have an appointment today? The mother says yes, I do.]

[Girl’s voice]: Someone will welcome us at the entry.

[The female staff member in the high visibility vest passes a surgical face mask to the girl. The girl starts to put it on.]

[Girl’s voice]: If I wear a mask, I will be asked to put on a new one.

[The mother and daughter put the surgical masks on.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult will change theirs too.

[The mother and daughter are wearing surgical masks, the female staff member in the high visibility vest shows the way with her right arm extended. The mother and daughter walk into the vaccination centre in the direction she’s pointing.]

[Girl’s voice]:They will show us where we need to go.

[A female staff member wearing a face mask sits at a table and asks who’s getting vaccinated today? As the mother and daughter approach the table. The mother points to the daughter.]

[Girl’s voice]: A staff member will ask if we have an appointment.

[The female staff member looks at a clipboard and then points to the doorway. The girl says thankyou and the female staff member says you’re welcome. The mother and daughter walk inside a building. There are pictures of an echidna and a cassowary on the wall. The daughter stops to use a pump pack of hand sanitiser. The mother also uses the hand sanitiser.]

[Girl’s voice]: I may need to use the hand sanitiser when I enter the building. I can also use my own hand sanitiser.

[A female staff member wearing a face mask and protective eyewear is sitting at a desk with a computer.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult and I will go to the desk.

[The mother and daughter walk up to the desk. The mother passes her Medicare card to the female staff member.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult will fill out forms with the staff member.

[The female staff member looks at the computer.]

[Girl’s voice]: The staff member will tell me what to do next. The staff member will give my adult an information sheet about what to expect after the injection. The staff member will show me into the cubicle.

[The female staff member passes an information sheet to the mother. The staff member says now come around this way. She stands up and says we’ll just go around to the nurse now. The mother and daughter walk with her. In the background there is a green Enchanted Forest background of trees and animals on the wall and a waiting room with a few people waiting. The nurse says I think it’s Sally on today, She’s lovely. Come through.]

[Girl’s voice]: There will be a nurse in the cubicle.

[The girl enters the cubicle. The mother, girl, and nurse all sit down on seats in the cubicle. There are pictures of wombats and kangaroos on the wall.]

[Girl’s voice]: I can put on sunglasses or wear a cap if it is too bright. My adult can be with me. I can watch a video.

[The nurse talks to the girl and the mother.]

[Girl’s voice]: I can listen to music. I can play or hug my toy.

[The girl puts on some black headphones.]

[Girl’s voice]: The nurse will ask my adult some questions about my health.

[The nurse talks to the mother.]

[Girl’s voice]: The nurse will ask me to take off my jumper or roll up my sleeve.

[The nurse talks to the girl. The girl rolls up the sleeve of her long-sleeved shirt.]

[Girl’s voice]: If I feel worried about the injection, I can look away or at something on the wall.

[The girl looks away. The mother touches the girl's leg.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult can comfort me.

[The nurse gives the injection and says 2, 3, 4. She puts a band aid on the girl's arm.]

[Girl’s voice]: After I have had the injection, the nurse will put a band-aid and/or a cotton ball on my arm.

[The nurse helps the girl to roll down her sleeve.]

[Girl’s voice]: Then I can choose to put my jumper back on or roll down my sleeve.

[There is a tree picture on the wall, it has a brown trunk and there are lots of green, brown, yellow and red leaves stuck onto it. Each leaf has a child’s name written on it. The girl looks at the tree picture.]

[Girl’s voice]: There will be a tree picture on the wall. I may be given a leaf sticker.

[The girl sticks a green leaf sticker onto the tree.]

[Girl’s voice]: If I want, I can add my name to a leaf sticker and add it to the tree.

[Girl’s voice]: My adult can help me.

[The mother takes her daughter’s hand, and they walk away from the tree picture on the wall.]

[Girl’s voice]: I will stay in the waiting area for 15 minutes. This happens after an injection.

[The girl and her mother sit down in the waiting area. There are lots of chairs, a few people are sitting in the chairs.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult can set a timer on their phone.

[The girl and her mother are reaching into a bag to get a phone. The phone shows a timer set to 14:59.]

[Girl’s voice]: I can listen to music, watch a video and use fidget items while I wait.

[The girl is wearing headphones and looking at an ipad.]

[Girl’s voice]: When the 15 minutes is finished, I can leave if I am feeling well.

[The mother and daughter are watching a TV screen on the wall. The timer on the phone sounds. The mother and daughter put the phone, headphones and ipad away in their bag.]

[Girl’s voice]: If I'm feeling sick, I can tell my adult who will ask a nurse to come and check on me.

[The mother and daughter walk from the waiting area to a desk. There’s a female staff member wearing a mask sitting at the desk with a computer and a sign Please checkout here.]

[Girl’s voice]: My adult will let a staff member know that I am feeling well before we go.

[The female staff member and the mother nod at each other and smile. The mother and daughter walk away from the desk.]

[The mother and daughter walk out of the vaccination centre, there is a cut out of kangaroo behind them. The mother puts her arm around her daughter and gives her a hug as they walk.]

[Girl’s voice]: Now I can leave the vaccination centre.

[Piano music. On screen text: With thanks to all the staff at the Barwon Health vaccination centre for their support and the family who participated in the development of this resource.]

[On-screen text]

With thanks to all the staff at the Barwon Health vaccination centre for their support and family who participated in development of this resource.

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Reviewed 04 April 2022

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