About the free Victorian Government QR Code Service

The Victorian Government QR Code Service is free for all Victorian businesses, organisations, clubs and events. This service helps contact tracers to contain a COVID-19 outbreak.

Key points

  • Record keeping  is a crucial part of keeping Victorians safe and helping Victoria stay open. 
  • The need for fast and accurate contact information for anyone who has visited a COVID-19 public exposure siteis vital.
  • All businesses and workplaces must ensure all workers and visitors check in using the free Victorian Government QR Code Service
  • There are limited exceptions, such as for students at schools. All other workplaces must ensure all workers and visitors check in.. 
  • Businesses should proactively encourage customers to check-in.
  • Additionally, venues must make reasonable efforts to provide assistance to people who do not have access to a device, such as providing a Kiosk check-in service. Workplaces must use an alternative record keeping system (such as pen and paper) when it is not practicable for a person to record their attendance using a QR code service, or where there is a technical access issue.
  • For more information on record keeping visit theRecord keeping for contact tracing - information for businesspage.

Scammers posing as Service Victoria

Scammers pretending to work for Service Victoriaare leaving threatening voicemails against members of the public.

These methods are designed to scare people into revealing personal and financial information.

If you receive a threatening voicemail claiming to be from Service Victoria, delete it immediately. And if you can, you should block the number.

The best way we can stop these scams is to report them to Scamwatch.

  1. Below is some helpful information about the free Victorian Government QR Code Service and what you need to know. For Commercial Passenger Vehicles, there is further information about those changes on the CPV website.

    When you can register

    To register, go to '2. Register your business' below.

    It’s free to use

    The QR Code Service is free for businesses, organisations, clubs and events to use to help with contact tracing. There are no ongoing costs to use the service. 

    Using other QR code services

    There are many digital check-in solutions available for businesses, organisations, clubs or events to use.

    Businesses that are required to use electronic record keeping, must use the free Victorian Government QR Code Service. This ensures that the electronic record keeping system you have in place will be able to easily access information with Victorian Department of Health contact tracing systems if required.

    If a confirmed case of COVID-19 is identified, this helps to quickly point contact tracing team members in the right direction.

    If a COVID-19 case is identified

    If your business, organisation, club or event is identified as having potentially been visited by someone with COVID-19, Victorian Department of Health contact tracers will contact the venue directly.

    Storing data

    All check-in data is housed in secure databases managed by Service Victoria, the Victorian Government’s online hub for transacting with government. Unless Department of Health contact tracers request data for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes, it is automatically deleted after 28 days.

    Deleting data

    Unless the Department of Health requests data for COVID-19 contact tracing, it is automatically deleted after 28 days. Information about your business (eg. name, address and contact details) will remain on the database.

  2. See how to register your business for a contact tracing QR code

    When setting up a QR code, you can: 

    • add locations 
    • add a primary contact person 
    • add areas 
    • add multiple locations 

    Find out how to add locations and areas

    If you have multiple businesses, organisations, clubs or events

    If you have more than one business, organisation, club or event, you must register each individually. 

    If your business, organisation, club or event has multiple locations or areas

    You can add more than one location under your business, organisation, club or event. Within these locations, add as many areas as you need to. For example, you may want to specify indoor and outdoor seating. 

    View a list of your locations or areas

    Once registered, you can view or add more locations and areas by logging into the Victorian Government Venue QR Code Service or the Victorian Government Commercial Passenger Vehicle QR Code Service

  3. How to download a QR code

    After registering, you will receive an email with a link to download your QR code poster. If you registered more than one location or more than one area under a location (e.g. indoor or outdoor dining), you will receive more than one download link. Make sure you display the correct QR code poster for each location or area. You can also download your codes via the Victorian Government QR Venue Code Service or the Victorian Government QR Commercial Passenger Vehicle Code Service.

    Having trouble receiving emails from the Victorian Government QR Code Service?

    It may be possible that organisational spam filters are blocking the delivery of emails to your nominated email addresses, including your welcome email and the email containing your QR Code posters. Please ensure that the domains and have been whitelisted, emails sent from the from the Victorian Government QR Code Service will come from the email, please ensure this email sender is whitelisted, alternatively please ensure to check your Junk and Spam folders.

  4. QR codes are already embedded on the poster, which you can print out immediately.

    How to display a QR code

    You can display your QR code posters in a way which suits your location best, and allows visitors to easily scan the code. Your QR code is already on the poster with information to help visitors check in quickly. You may even choose to use an existing digital display to show the QR code poster.

    Displaying multiple QR code posters

    You should only receive multiple QR code posters if you have registered multiple locations on the service. Make sure you display the correct QR code poster in the correct location or area.

    Customising your QR Code Poster print settings

    Download your PDF, once you open your PDF go in to the “File” menu, then go to the “Print” menu, from here you will be able to edit the page size and colour settings etc to print your posters. 

    Can I laminate my QR Code posters?

    Yes, however sometimes the glare from the laminate, especially in outdoor dining settings can interfere with scanning. We recommend also having a full A4 size poster on display for each of you nominated areas.

  5. To support contact tracing, if a person (including staff) is at your location most businesses, workplaces and premises must record the person's:

    • first name
    • last name
    • phone number

    Check to seewhich workplaces and premises need to keep records.

    You should encourage visitors to check-in via the QR code displayed at your business, organisation, club or event.

    Can you tell me how many patrons have checked in to my venue since I put up posters?

    No. Check-in data can only be accessed for the specific purpose of contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. We are unable to provide any usage statics of the QR Code Posters within your business. 

    How do I check that the QR Code Service is working?

    Download the Service Victoria App if you have not already done so and scan your QR Code posters to see what your customers and patrons will experience.  

    QR Codes don’t work for some of my customers?

    Some older Android phones may have trouble scanning, we recommend if you are going to use smaller laminated codes throughout your venue also having a full A4 size poster on display. 

    Is there a manual check-in option?

    Yes. The Service Victoria App has a manual check-in option, this can be used by entering the 6-character unique Location Code that appears below the QR code on any displayed Victorian Government poster.

  6. What is Kiosk check-in?

    Kiosk check-in is a simple form to help staff record a visitor’s first name, family name and contact phone number electronically on the venue’s device. It is linked to a defined location or area at your venue, registered with the Victorian Government QR Code Service.

    The form can be set up on any device with a modern web browser, such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone – whatever is most suitable to your venue.

    How do I set up Kiosk check-in on my device?  

    To set up Kiosk check-in for your venue, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Log in to the Victorian Government QR Code Service.

    Step 2: Select the location / area of your venue where you would like to have Kiosk check-in available. This could be an existing location / area or a new one created for this purpose.

    Step 3: Nominate a Kiosk Contact, by clicking on the pencil icon to edit the screen.

    Step 4: Enter the Kiosk Contact details.

    • If the location contact details are the same for the Kiosk Contact, tick the 'Copy existing location contact details' checkbox and select 'Save'. The contact details will be copied across automatically.
    • If you would like to nominate a different Kiosk Contact, enter their details in the Kiosk Contact details section and select 'Save'.

    The Kiosk Contact will receive an email with an 8-digit Kiosk code and instructions for setting up Kiosk check-in on your selected device. Ensure that your device is online.

    Step 5: Visit the Kiosk check-in on your device and bookmark the link in your browser.

    Step 6: Enter the 8-digit Kiosk code we sent to your Kiosk Contact and select 'Next'

    Step 7: Enter the Security Code (a one-time password that is emailed to the Kiosk Contact after they enter the Kiosk code) and select 'Verify'.

    You will be shown a success screen letting you know that your device is now ready to check-in visitors who are not able to check themselves in using the Service Victoria app.

    Make sure you apply the same hygiene rules as in any high-touch area.

    To check-in a visitor:

    • go to the Kiosk check-in
    • click 'Open check-in' to start to register your visitor’s details (ensure the device is online) 
    • enter the visitor’s name and contact phone number (mobile or landline)
    • Select 'Check-in to this location'.

    A confirmation screen will appear, and the visitor’s details will be removed immediately from the screen. These will not be stored on the device.

    Once set up, access to the Kiosk check-in service will be remembered on your device (even if you turn the device off) so that you won’t need to set it up each day.

    To support this:

    Will a visitor's details be auto-filled from their device?

    We have disabled autofill for most browsers when you access the Kiosk check-in on your device (for example, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Android).

    For venues using Mac OSX (desktop) with Safari browser

    If using an iCloud account connected with Address Book and a pre-saved profile, contact information will display as an autocomplete suggestion. This is a browser feature we can't switch off.

    To stop the browser from auto-filling, go into iCloud settings and untick 'sync contacts'. This will stop the browser populating auto suggestions.

    For venues using an iOS device (for example, iPhone or iPad)

    The device will display an autocomplete suggestion if a profile is saved on that device. This is a browser feature we can't switch off.

    To stop the browser from auto-filling in Safari, go to settings and untick each field that you would like not to be auto-filled.

Reviewed 18 June 2021

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