Online resources to support learning from home

Online resources and webinars to support early childhood learning from home.

Online resources

The Department has developed a range of resources that services can use to support families to engage in learning activities with their children at home:

For more high quality learning activities suitable for early learners, explore FUSE: Learning from home in an early childhood setting.

Masterclass in optimising virtual learning

A masterclass series of webinars were delivered in August and September to support educators and teachers using technology to support children to continue their learning at home during COVID-19.

The series was presented by Early Childhood Australia.

Session 1: online learning 101

This session introduces educators to the basics of delivering online learning for young children and their families and includes a focus on emotional and social learning and development (identity, wellbeing and communication).

Session 2: virtual group time and video conferencing

This session has a focus on synchronous/live online learning with children.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield as they introduce educators to:

  • approaches to online learning including video conferencing tools
  • extending play-based learning and intentional teaching using video
  • supporting peer to peer communication
  • working with small groups of children online.

Session 3: teaching and learning online

Building on session two and synchronous/live online learning with children, this session emphasises opportunities for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and extending numeracy and literacy learning.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield as they cover these topics as well as introduce teaching strategies to support children’s social and emotional learning and share children’s work to demonstrate learning.

Session 4: flexible online learning for families

This session covers tools for asynchronous learning so that children’s learning can be supported to happen at a time that suits families.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield as they introduce tools, apps and websites for use in learning from home, resources on FUSE and ways to build social and emotional skills including communication and identity.

Session 5: virtual opportunities for children

This session explores outdoor learning, virtual tours and excursions, concerts and museums for young children.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield as they present ideas on using technology for nature pedagogy, keeping children physically active and opportunities for on and off screen engagement.

Panel discussion 1: making online learning visible

This panel discussion considers ways of using technologies to promote the VEYLDF Learning and Development Outcomes and making online learning visible in the home learning environment.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield, Victorian educators and researcher Professor Susan Edwards.


Panel discussion 2: helping families embrace social and emotional learning

This panel discussion explores ways to support families, including families experiencing vulnerability foster social and emotional learning and build self-regulation and wellbeing when learning at home.

Catharine Hydon is joined in conversation with Dr Kate Highfield, Victorian educators and researcher Associate Professor Cathrine Neilson-Hewett.


Webinar series

A series of free webinars were delivered in May and June 2020 to support educators and teachers with the skills, knowledge and educational resources to support children learning from home.

The first webinars were based on best practice teaching and learning approaches, and focused on key topics. They were delivered by Anthony Semann from Semann & Slattery.

Getting started with remote learning

Maintaining relationships with families and children

Adapting programs and learning plans to be delivered remotely

Supporting children and families experiencing vulnerability

Supporting children returning to your service after learning from home

Wellbeing webinars

A series of webinars focused on educator wellbeing were delivered in June 2020 by Early Childhood Australia.

These webinars were designed for all teachers and educators working with young children, at any stage of their career, and explored the evidence behind positive psychology and its impacts on educator wellbeing.

For more information and to register, visit wellbeing webinars.

Find out more

To read more about the masterclass webinars and see information about the presenters, visit Early Childhood Australia.

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