Postcode, suburb and address checker

Enter a postcode, suburb or address to identify whether it belongs to metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria.

The postcode, suburb and address checker helps venues like cafes and restaurants to quickly determine whether a person is from metropolitan Melbourne or regional Victoria. 

How to use the postcode, suburb and address checker

Enter a postcode, suburb or address above.

The checker will return one of the following for each response:

  • METRO - the location is in metropolitan Melbourne
  • REGIONAL - the location is in regional Victoria
  • FULL ADDRESS NEEDED - the location spans both metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, and you will need to enter the full address to clarify

Printable restricted postcode tool

If you are unable to use the above online tool, you can print out this 2-page resource to check customers' eligibility for dine-in service.

Blue areas are restricted postcodes and grey areas should be asked whether they are from within a restricted metropolitan zone.

Reviewed 04 June 2021

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