Training for COVID-19 vaccine providers

Information about training for COVID-19 vaccine providers.

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From Wednesday 21 April 2021, a number of high-volume vaccination centres will open to people who are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. To book an appointment or for more information visit Book your vaccine appointment.

Training and workforce

Victoria is committed to working with the Commonwealth Government to support the delivery of the Australian Government’s COVID-19 vaccination program. Additional workforce capacity is needed due to the significant effort involved in offering vaccination to all eligible Victorians in 2021. This will ensure existing programs can be maintained, including flu vaccination, during the rollout.

To increase workforce capacity, training to administer the COVID-19 vaccine is available for:

  • existing authorised immunisers
  • health workers who do not usually deliver immunisations (new immunisers).

Training is also available for non-clinical staff to support the immunisation rollout.

This emergency workforce trained and authorised to administer the vaccin will help support existing health services to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to every eligible Victorian who wishes to be vaccinated.


All COVID-19 vaccine providers, including existing authorised immunisers, need to undertake training specific to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Training for existing authorised immunisers

All existing authorised immunisers who routinely administer vaccines who would like to join the COVID-19 vaccination program need to complete the Australian Government’s National COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program.

This includes:

  • medical practitioners 
  • nurse practitioners   
  • nurse immunisers   
  • pharmacist immunisers. 

Training for new immunisers

Additional training is required for other health workers who would like to join Australia’s& COVID-19 vaccination program as part of the new emergency authorised workforce.

This includes:

  • Aboriginal health practitioners
  • pharmacists
  • pharmacy technicians
  • registered nurses
  • midwives
  • paramedics.

New immunisers need to complete both the:

The Department of Health has partnered with Torrens Health to facilitate recruiting new immunisers.

Training for non-clinical staff

It is recommended that non-clinical staff (such as administrative staff or people involved in the receipt and handling of the vaccine) complete the three non-clinical modules of the National COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program.


Reviewed 18 April 2021

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