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Summary of restrictions

From 11:59pm on Tuesday 27 July 2021:

  • There are no restrictions on reasons to leave home or the distance you can travel.  
  • You can travel to regional Victoria and interstate to go on holiday, and interstate travel for Victorians is subject to the laws relating to the state you wish to enter. For more information, refer to: Travel updates
  • People you live with and your intimate partner or single bubble buddy.  
  • Tours can operate with up to 10 patrons.  
  • Tourism transport can operate with up to 10 people per vehicle. 
  • Travel to regional Victorian Alpine Resorts is permitted providing you have a COVID-19 test within the 72 hours prior to arriving at the resort, and have received a negative test result. Testing is not required for children under 12 years. You must provide proof of your negative test results, such as a text message from your testing provider. 

Can I go on holiday?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the distance you can travel or how long you can be on holiday within Victoria.

You are strongly advised not to travel to declared red zones or extreme risk zones.

If you travel interstate, you must check the restrictions and permit requirements that apply in your destination state or territory. You may be required to apply for a different permit based on the time you were in a certain area.

In order to return from a red zone, you will need to apply for a red zone permit, and abide by the conditions of the permit upon your return. These include self-quarantine for 14 days and testing within 72 hours of arrival as well as on day 13 post arrival.

You will not be permitted to travel to Victoria if you have been in an extreme risk zone unless you have a valid exemption, exception, a transit permit, or specified worker permit. For more information, see Travel Permit System.

Can I book accommodation? 

Yes. You can book accommodation with the people you live with or your intimate partner or single bubble.

Can I book dorm-style accommodation with shared facilities with people other than my household?

Households must book dorm-style accommodation separately and cannot share a bedroom. A density quotient of 1 person per 4 sqm applies within shared facilities such as bathrooms and kitchens. The accommodation provider must have COVIDSafe Plans in place.

I am an accommodation provider, can I take bookings?

Yes. There are no restrictions on who you can take bookings from.

Can I travel to regional Victoria?

Yes. There are no restrictions on reasons to leave home or how far you can travel.

What do I need to do to visit the Alpine Resorts for recreation or for work?

All travellers to Alpine resorts must have a COVID-19 test within the 72 hours prior to arriving at the Alpine Resorts and receive a negative test in order to be permitted entry (children under 12 years are not included).  A person is exempt from this requirement if they cannot take a COVID-19 test because of their disability, illness or medical condition, if they live in an Alpine Resort or are taking children to school. 

All travellers will need to carry and present evidence of the negative test. A text message, email, or printed out note from your testing provider is sufficient.

Travellers will not be permitted entry to the Alpine Resorts without proof of a negative test.

Workers in the Alpine Resorts must also have a COVID-19 test no more than seven days prior to entering the Resorts and receive a negative test. They also need to carry evidence of their employment, such as a letter from their employer or a payslip.

You may be asked by police, authorised officers or any employee or representative of the resort to provide evidence of a negative test on entry to the Alpine Resort. 

A person who is required to travel to an alpine resort to provide an essential service, such as an emergency worker, or to escape from harm does not need to obtain a COVID-19 test before travelling if it is not practicable to do so. 

Can I go camping? What about unregistered or free campsites?

Yes, you can go camping. You can camp with the people you live with or your intimate partner or single bubble buddy.

Can I travel to my holiday house?

Yes, there are no restrictions on the distance you can travel. If you have a holiday house in the Alpine Resorts, you must abide by the testing requirement before you travel.

You may only stay in your holiday house with the people that you live with or your intimate partner or single bubble buddy.

Can I go to regional Victoria to view a property?

You can travel to regional Victoria to view a property. There are no restrictions on reasons to leave your home or the distance you can travel.

Can I pick someone up from the airport?

You may pick up or drop off a person at an airport. 

To avoid the potential transmission risk of COVID-19, you should stay in your car when you get to the airport. You must always carry a face mask and if you leave your vehicle, you must wear it indoors and outdoors, unless a lawful exception applies.

Can I fly a plane for work or study?

Yes. Flying for work or study is allowed.

You and your passenger or instructor must wear a face mask.

Reviewed 29 July 2021

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