Vaccination information for people with a disability, carers, volunteers and disability support workers

Information about the COVID-19 vaccines for people with a disability, carers, volunteers and disability support workers.

How to get the vaccine

Vaccination centres are open to people who are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Information about the COVID-19 vaccines for people with a disability

People living with disability are eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccine if they:

  • are an NDIS participant
  • are living with significant disability requiring frequent assistance with activities of daily living
  • attend centre-based services (day programs, respite care, supported employment)
  • are aged 40 years or over

NDIS participants can show any correspondence on a NDIS letterhead, or a screenshot of the NDIS portal, containing the person's name and NDIS Number as proof that they are eligible.

Learn more about the who can get vaccinated including information for people with a past history of blood clots here.

Visit the Australian Department of Health website for more information about COVID-19 vaccines for people with disability

Other useful resources include:

Information about the COVID-19 vaccines for workers, carers, and volunteers

Support workers, carers (paid and unpaid) and volunteers are now eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine if they directly support people with disability of any age:

  • in the person’s home
  • at a disability residential service,
  • at a respite facility
  • in an educational setting,
  • at a supported employment setting,
  • with accessing leisure or community facilities
  • with transport or advocacy services

Carers of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants (paid and unpaid) are eligible for vaccination. 

You will need to provide carers documentation or proof of occupation (ID card, letter from employer or Eligibility Declaration Form) to prove eligibility. 

Eligible people under these requirements may also include healthcare workers, allied health workers, teachers in special schools, students on placement, advocates, or administration or maintenance/cleaning staff in these settings. 

Family members who are not also carers are not yet eligible for vaccination unless they are eligible for other reasons.

You can find out more in the following Factsheets:

Proof of eligibility 

Support workers, carers, and volunteers will need to provide one of the following to demonstrate eligibility:

  • Commonwealth Eligibility Declaration Form
  • Proof of occupation (ID card, letter from employer)  
  • Carers documentation (such as proof of a carer payment or a Carer Card) 
  • Concession card (carer) 
  • Volunteer documentation (such as letter from employer/ centre-based support provider)  
  • Victorian Department of Health Proof of Eligibility Letter if one has been supplied.

Where you can receive a COVID-19 vaccine

People with disability living in residential accommodation can receive a vaccination at their residence if they prefer to. The Australian Government manages vaccination teams who visit disability residential accommodation to provide these vaccinations.

People living in these services, and all other people with disability will also be able to access vaccinations at:

  • General practices
  • Community health services
  • Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Services
  • Vaccination centres.

The best person to speak to about your health or pre-existing medical conditions is your GP. Your GP will be able to talk to you about your health and getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Book at a vaccination centre

All vaccination centres:

  • are wheelchair accessible
  • have accessible car parking and toilets nearby,
  • can provide information in Easy English
  • welcome assistance animals

Find out more information about each vaccination centre here.

If you can come to a vaccination centre and have a disability please make a booking first by calling 1800 675 398.

If you need an interpreter, call the Victoria Coronavirus Hotline 1800 675 398 and press 0. 

Attending a vaccine centre without an appointment is possible at some locations. This is known as a ‘walk in’. If you do not book an appointment you may have a significant wait until someone is free to give you the vaccine. You can check which centres accept walk ins, their waiting times and opening hours at Vaccination centres | Coronavirus Victoria.

If a person with a disability needs assistance getting a vaccination that their existing support network cannot provide, or they can’t attend a community-based setting, Disability Liaison Officers can assist.

If you or the person you are booking for needs additional support to receive a vaccination or can’t attend a community-based setting, Disability Liaison Officers can assist you.

The Australian Government has produced COVID-19 vaccination – Patient resources to help you make a decision about getting vaccinated.

Reviewed 17 June 2021

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