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Current advice about Vocational Education and Training, including workplace learning.

Workplace learning

For information on Structured Workplace Learning and work experience during COVID-19, visit: Structured workplace learning (SWL) and work experience during COVID-19.

Next steps for VET students in 2021

All school students who did not complete their VET qualifications as part of their Year 12 VCE or VCAL studies in 2020 will be able to enrol at a TAFE and/or Dual Sector Provider and have their 2021 VET fees waived in order to complete their VET certificate (or an equivalent course where it is not provided):

  • continue to study the same course in 2021 (must be on the funded course list (FCL)) with any TAFE and/or Dual Sector training provider should they choose
  • enrol in an alternative course in 2021 on the FCL with any TAFE and/or Dual Sector training provider in circumstances where their current course is not on the FCL.

Fee waiver for students who do not complete VET certificates

The VCAA sent a letter to every Year 12 student enrolled in a VET program in 2020, advising them how to access their fee waiver. It also contains a unique reference key in their letter, which must be presented to TAFE or Dual Sector providers to receive the fee waiver.  

The letters to students were based on VASS enrolment data as at 12 November 2020.

Year 12 students who were undertaking multiple VET programs in 2020 can only have their VET fees waived for one VET program in 2021. 

Missing or lost letters 

  • Letters were sent via Australia Post to students’ home address as entered by schools on VASS. 
  • If a student has not received their letter, schools should review VASS enrolment data (as at 12 November 2020) in the first instance.
  • Letters for students whose VET enrolment was entered on VASS between 12 November and 31 December 2020 are expected to be issued by the end of January 2021.
  • If any errors in the VASS enrolment are identified, or the enrolment was not entered on VASS at all in 2020, schools should escalate to VCAA student records at
  • If a letter has been received but has been misplaced, students should contact the TAFE and Training Hotline on 131 823 or at

VET units of competency recognition

Students should have received a Statement of Attainment for completed VET units of competency in 2020, recognised at all RTOs and TAFEs. This will enable the seamless continuation of VET studies. If the statement has not been received, students should follow up directly with the training organisation.

School Based Apprentices and Trainees support and guidance

In 2020, some employers may have had difficulty meeting the minimum employment and training requirements for their school-based apprentice and trainee (SBAT) due to business closures.

SBATs do not need to complete their training contracts or qualifications while they are at school, and may continue post school in a part-time or full-time apprenticeship or traineeship. If employers have not provided sufficient workplace experience for students to be considered competent before they are completed, there are a number of options available.

For more information visit: Coronavirus (COVID-19): Employer information and FAQs.

Reviewed 17 February 2021

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