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Sumbawlna leh nasepna (Business and work) - Zomi

Coronavirus (COVID-19) tawh kisai geltheih nading leh kidoptheih nading sumbawlnalam ciangtannate leh panpihna.

Nasemte leh nasep zongte, aituam nasepneite leh a ukte tawh kisai theihsaknate Manglai tawh Sumbawlna leh nasepna laimai sungah kizong thei hi.

A zenzenin nangma pau ngiat tawh panpihding na lunggulhleh TIS National te 131 450 pan hopih inla, kamphen na ngetkhit ciangin Business Victoria 13 22 15 tawh kiho nuam ing ci’n ngen in.

Reviewed 16 March 2022

Coronavirus Hotline

Call the Coronavirus Hotline if you need help to report a rapid antigen test (RAT) or if you have any questions about COVID-19.

The Victorian Coronavirus Hotline diverts to the National Coronavirus Helpline every night between 4pm and 9am.

Please keep Triple Zero (000) for emergencies only.

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